What does Janie Appleseed Network do?

Janie Appleseed Network provides education and services to grow 21st century health literacy skills by cultivating adoption of consumer controlled personal health records.

What is health literacy?

Having health literacy means you can play an active role in decisions about your health. You are a very important member of your healthcare team. When you have the skills to understand and use your personal health data efficiently and effectively with others, you can contribute to better outcomes from your care. Health literate people raise quality of care while lowering cost. The American Medical Association states that health literacy is a stronger predictor of a patient’s overall health than age, income, employment status, education level, and race.

What is personal health data (PHD)?

Personal health data (PHD) is information you compile using a computer. PHD belongs to you. You collect or create it, and you control sharing it.

What is a personal health record (PHR)?

A personal health record (PHR) is a digital computer application you use to store and view personal health data over time. A PHR helps you collect and use past information to inform present and future choices about your health and care.

Top ten reasons you and your family need a PHR.

Better Decisions

The more you know about your health and your options, the better your decisions about care.

Increased Safety

The clearer the picture of your health, the more you can contribute to ensuring you receive safe care.

Higher Quality

Your health story can be better communicated when the data is complete, accurate and detailed. 

Lower Cost

The more you know about your care options, the more you will be able to make cost effective choices.

Improved Access

Having the right information available at the right time leads to better health and better care.

More Protection

When you safeguard your own records, you control their access and availability.

Added Efficiency

When you control your health information, it’s easy and fast to get the data needed to deliver care.

Greater Effectiveness

New technology enables you to use information in ways that focus on achieving better outcomes for you.

New Skills

Those who learn to use new technologies get ahead, and those who don’t fall behind.

Lasting Legacy

Your health and wellness data becomes a more valuable asset now and forevermore.

Where do I get a PHR?

logoJanie Appleseed Network is taking orders for a new subscription PHR service called MyPHD. The MyPHD PHR service helps you collect and manage your PHD. It integrates with other consumer health and care applications like MyDirectives.com, a service that helps you create emergency, critical and advance care plan to let others know your wishes if you can’t speak for yourself. It also utilizes MyPHD Direct Secure Messaging so you can easily and safely share PHD with your care team members.

Get started today!

Join the Network

Your free membership in the Janie Appleseed Network will open the door to a world of information about personal health records (PHRs), including the opportunity to start and manage PHRs for your family.

Attend an Event

Learn more about personal health records (PHRs) and the Janie Appleseed Network by attending online or live events. Join online events using your computer. This is easy and we can help you learn how.

Request a Consult

When you’re ready, we’ll put you in touch with a Janie Appleseed Network representative in your local community. Your Janie will consult with you on your needs and recommend solutions.

Pilot a PHR

Participate in the Janie Appleseed Network pilot program for the MyPHD consumer-controlled personal health record (PHR) service to efficiently collect, safely store, and share your personal health data (PHD).

Pilot a PHR

October 9, 2017. Janie Appleseed Network announces a new pilot program to teach families how...

Pilot a PHR

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Soon, patients as collaborators!
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