Janie Appleseed Network provides education and services to grow 21st century health literacy skills by cultivating adoption of consumer-controlled personal health records (PHRs).

Specifically, we work to:

•  Provide education about the use of health information technology (HIT) to improve care and support wellness

•  Advocate for inclusion of patients and families as equal participants within their care teams

•  Raise awareness about personal health goals and preferences, and encourage personal choice in selecting care options

•  Facilitate access to and awareness of communities supporting consumers to live healthier lives

•  Offer PHR services that help people increase their health literacy and better use and manage their personal health data (PHD)

•  Foster adoption and use of PHR technologies as a basic life management tool

•  Enable people to control their PHD and have a say in how it gets used for research and public health initiatives

•  Establish a library of stories that illustrate consumer views on meaningful use of PHRs and HIT

•  Secure grants and donations to reduce or subsidize the cost of consumer-controlled HIT tools and services


We are building a community of consumers interested in using health information technology (HIT) to improve their lives and the lives of others. Our goal is to engage consumers as an active force contributing toward the national goal of utilizing HIT to promote high quality healthcare, reduce unnecessary healthcare spending, and shift focus from treating illness to promoting holistic wellness.

Core Values





Core Beliefs

Health is a holistic concept, comprised of more dimensions than just physical health.

Empowered individuals make their world and the whole world a better place.

Acquiring new skills is essential for sustainability in life.

Wellness is about continuously finding new balance points that result in overall health.

Being a life-long learner is the commitment required to thrive in life

Transformational results lead to positive outcomes.