Consumers use the DirectTrust network for free!

You’ve just seen your doctor and you want your visit summary in a digital format, or you’ve had some medical tests performed and you want to receive the results quickly, securely and privately. Perhaps you want to send those test results to a specialist for a consultation, or you are starting with a new doctor and want to send those results along with your health summary documents to the new doctor. How can you do this today? The DirectTrust network makes it possible. Using the DirectTrust network, you can communicate digitally with your care providers in a safe and trusted way, with the ease of using secure email!

The DirectTrust network allows patients and care providers to securely send and receive personal health data with those that need it!

Consumers can join the DirectTrust network by signing up for a free PHDid available from the Janie Appleseed Network’s Member Home page. You only pay a one-time fee of about a dollar for the identity proofing processing and a few cents per month for the PHDid handling service fee.  The Janie Appleseed Network offers help with processing and handling fees for low income members needing assistance to cover these costs. Your PHDid includes HIPAA-grade secure e-mail you can use to safely share personal health data with care team members on the DirectTrust network.

Not yet a member of the Janie Appleseed Network? (BTW, it’s free to join!)

Janie Appleseed Network is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  Our mission is to teach you how to use new health information technology (HIT), like MyPHD and MyDirectives–HIT services that support the interests of consumers. We show you how to improve your life and the lives of your family members through the use of HIT. We are not in business to profit from giving you access to your personal health data. That is an important distinction and it makes a huge difference in what we do and how we do it. That’s why we’re offering this technology for free!  That’s why becoming a member of the Janie Appleseed Network is free too.

By joining the Janie Appleseed Network, you become part of a community of consumers engaged in gaining new skills and using consumer-safe technology to contribute toward the national goal of utilizing HIT to promote high quality healthcare, reduce unnecessary healthcare spending, and shift focus from treating illness to promoting holistic wellness.

DirectTrust is a technology network that keeps your personal health data safe when you share it electronically with care team members. It’s a community of technology providers committed to safely and securely transporting your personal health data where you intend for it to go. Janie Appleseed Network is a human network. It’s a community of people committed to teaching consumers how to use HIT in safe and valuable ways.